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Bored at Work:  Start a Yawn Theme

What is a yawn theme you might ask?  A yawn theme is a crazy rule in which you have to do something every time you yawn.  For example, if today's yawn theme is to pretend your're on a roller coaster, everytime you yawn you have to throw your hands up in the air and make noise as you yawning.  Other good ones:  yawn like it tickles, yawn like it hurts, yawn while yelling excerpts from Star Trek or Star Wars.  Happy yawning!
Keep you awake factor: 2      
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Bored at Work:  See how long you can hold your breath for.

Don't asphyxiate yourself or anything, but take a clock or watch with a second hand and just see how long you can go.  Try to practice getting it longer each day.  It might actually be good for your lungs.                                                                                      Keep you awake factor: 7