Comment from the creator:
I would like to thank anyone for coming into my little space on the world wide web and hanging out.   Without visitors, I would have no one to show my page too.

I'm always on the hunt for new ideas for the webpage so if you have a suggestion e-mail it to me or just go to the YoSteve page and submit a suggestion.

I recently got a really good suggestion from my best bud's little sis, Theresa.  She's going to make a YoSteve.Com T-shirt and carry here digital camera to the next big party she goes to.  She'll just tell the people to go to YoSteve.Com if they want to check out the pictures.  Cool concept and free!  Thanks Theresa.  Here's a picture of her.  Watch out for the YoSteveCrew armed with cameras coming to an event near you!!!!